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Dr Johann Pretorius and his highly qualified team are pleased to offer you a centre for dental excellence in his fully equipped, modern dental surgery in Providenciales.  He has over 30 years experience in general dental practice, including 8 years in Oxford Street, London, before taking over Dental Services in the islands 15 years ago.

Dr Pretorius provides the full range of dental services including crowns and bridges, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry and of course emergency treatment and pain relief.  Nitrous Oxide sedation is also available for young and anxious patients.  Dr Pretorius pioneered the first preventative dentistry program in the islands, introducing a dental hygiene service which now caters to full time residents and winter visitors alike.

Dr Pretorius is joined by Dr J Victor Eagan, Consultant Orthodontist.  Dr Eagan is a highly qualified specialist offering a first class orthodontic service including braces and Invisalign at the same price as his very successful practice in Michigan USA.  The whole dental team work closely with Dr Eagan providing 24/7 support to our orthodontic patients.

Dr E del Amo and Dr J Mellado have been providing specialist periodontal services to patients from the islands at their practices in Florida for many years and Dr Pretorius was delighted when they offered to travel to the islands and work directly in the Dental Services clinic.  Their services include implants, gum surgery, sinus lifts, bone grafts, Botox and fillers.

Leanne Higgs and Lise Gula are both fully qualified and experienced dental hygienists trained in Canada.  They work closely with Dr Pretorius and all our specialists to provide the very best dental hygiene care, preventative dentistry, and also do orientation with young patients to set up a lifetime of good dental maintenance.

At Dental Services the whole team aims to ensure that residents and visitors’ dental requirements are properly diagnosed and treated calmly and professionally, so that their time in these beautiful islands can be spent with a pain free and confident smile!

For your convenience between our staff we can speak English, French, Spanish, Creole and Africaans.

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Dental Services on Providenciales

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Dental Services Turks Caicos Providenciales
Dr Jo, Lise and Leanne welcome you.

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