There are many options available in the modern dental clinic to replace missing teeth or teeth that have been so badly damaged that they cannot be saved.


The most popular is the placement of an implant.  This is a titanium post placed into the bone and is carried out by our periodontal specialist Dr. Mellado.  An implant usually takes 3 to 4 months to bond with the bone and form a secure base upon which a crown can be placed.  Dr. Pretorius will then be able to take various measurements and impressions which are sent to our laboratory in Miami where the permanent crown is made and then fitted here on the island onto the implant.  This is a permanent fitting.


If there are several teeth in the same area which are missing or damaged there is also an option to make a bridge to cover the teeth and spaces.  This involves Dr. Pretorius shaping the teeth which will support the bridge here in the office, before taking impressions to make a temporary bridge that will be placed while the permanent bridge is being made in Miami.  Once more a series of precise measurements and impressions are required.  The permanent bridge is then cemented when it is received back in the office.  This is a permanent fitting.

Alternatively, Dr. Mellado can place a series of implants in one area to create either individual restorations or an implant bridge – this is also a very popular and straightforward procedure involving the same healing and restoration process as an individual implant.   Once again this is a permanent fitting.


Some patients need a more immediate solution to fill spaces or to cover the gaps while they decide what treatment would be best for them – in each case Dr. Pretorius can take impressions and have full or partial dentures made in Miami in a few weeks.  These dentures are removable and need to be taken out and cleaned by the patient.

For more information and a free consultation to discuss which options would be best for you and what costs would be involved in your case message us or call 946 4321 for an appointment.