There have been many recent articles in the world press about the problems associated with too much sugar in our diets and the health problems that it causes.  The UK has gone so far as increasing tax on certain drinks high in sugar.

Unfortunately children in particular can consume too much sugar in the form of drinks and candy which causes decayed teeth at a very young age, before most parents even have a chance to realize what is happening.

The modern family often splits child care between working parents and family members to share the time of looking after a pre school child.  Once at school it is not always possible for parents to monitor all the snacks and “treats” a child has during the course of the day, especially when they have older family looking after the children who we all know love to spoil them.

Our goal is to educate the whole family to maintain healthy teeth in our patients of all ages.  Beth Otto-Darko our Hygiene Therapist, qualified in the UK, helps to educate parents and young patients to be aware of hidden sugar items, develop good eating and brushing routines and form long term maintenance plans for a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth.

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